Hotline Miami Publisher: Game Has Been ‘Torrented to Extraordinary Levels’

In an interesting conversation with Eurogamer Hotline Miami publisher Digital Devolver reveals how much the gruesome indie action game has sold to date, how much it has been pirated and the shock at just how popular his little indie game has become.

Project manager Graeme Struthers Hotline Miami has sold 130,000 copies since launch seven weeks ago. While he was happy about those numbers, Struthers said that PC piracy has had a serious impact on sales.

"It has been torrented to such a staggering level, and given the file size of it, I mean, you can't really be surprised, right? You could pass this thing around on the world's smallest memory stick," he noted. "So it has been torrented to extraordinary levels."

While Struthers doesn't have exact numbers he (and other publishers no doubt) knows it's a fact of life when it comes to PC games. It's such a fact of life that – as you may recall – co-creator Jonatan Söderström even went so far as to release a proper patch for pirated versions of the game.

"That's what he's like," Struthers said. "He just felt he didn't want people playing the buggy version of his game however they got it. He wanted them to get the patch. He basically said, 'I'm not going to criticize this, it's a fact of life. It would be nice if guys could find it within themselves to pay for it, but that's the world I'm in, so you know, you just have to take it for what it is.'"

You can read the entire article on Eurogamer to learn how, when, and why Devolver Digital decided to sign Hotline Miami.

Source: Eurogamer

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