Study: America is a ‘Gaming Super Power’

A new report from GameTrack shows that America is a gaming super power, with American gamers outnumbering the rest of the world when it comes to playing games online and across a wide variety of platforms. The data finds that 48 percent of the American gaming audience play online games, compared 42 percent who play packaged games. Around 27 percent of that online gaming in America is done through browsers. Around 31 percent of American gamers enjoy playing through apps on their phones and tablets.

"Amongst kids, gaming across categories is more common than it is amongst adults, pointing to a future gamer comfortable playing across different platforms. Kids' convergence is strongest in the UK, where 36 per cent of kids play all categories," says GameTrack. "This is some way ahead of Germany, where for example, only 9 per cent of kids play all three categories. The US doesn't have quite as much difference between adults (17 per cent) and kids (22 per cent) playing all three gaming types."

The data comes from surveys and interviews of over 6000 people per country. The survey included children over the age of six and adults up to the age of 64. GamesIndustry International has a deeper break-down of the data in this report.

Source: GII

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