Syrian Rebels Build Homemade Tank Operated by Game Controller

According to the Long War Journal blog (by way of Gameranx), Syrian rebels have built an armored vehicle about the size of a car that uses a game controller that looks an awful lot like a PS3 controller. This homemade tank is equipped with a 7.62mm Russian PKM that is operated via a game controller and a small monitor. It also has three cameras (one in the front of the "tank" and two in the back), which are also controlled by the game controller.

The vehicle is being called SHAM II, an update of the SHAM, which was previously used by the Al Ansar Brigade in Syria and has 2.5cm thick steel plating for armor. The vehicle is fast because it uses the chassis of a car. While the vehicle is capable of fending off small arms fire, a rocket propelled grenade or heavy cannon fire would likely kill everyone inside.

The estimated cost of building such a vehicle? Apparently right around $10,000.

You can read more about it at Long War Journal blog.

Source: Gameranx

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