Funcom Ditches Subscription Model for The Secret World MMO

Funcom has decided to ditch the $15 a month subscription fee for its MMO The Secret World. The company announced today that players can now enjoy the game for free, though they'll still have to drop $30 to buy the game. After that players can opt for a special monthly membership or play for free and buy items from an in-game store as they see fit.

The membership, which costs around $15 a month, gives players a Time Accelerator item that doubles experience gained for an hour every 16 hours, $10 in Bonus Points to spend at the in-game Item Store each month, and one mystery gift to be doled out on the first day of every month. There's also a 10 percent discount on all in-game store purchases. The new Grand Master Lifetime members will get all that and an additional 20 percent discount at the in-game store.

Those with an existing subscription will be given 1200 bonus points and will be able to claim the Time Accelerator item and free gift.

You can find out more here.

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