NCsoft Unloading All NC Interactive Shares, Launching New U.S. Subsidiary

Korean MMO publisher NCsoft will sell its shares in NC Interactive – the company's U.S.-based subsidiary at the end of this month, according to a Reuters report. NCsoft will sell its 809 million shares on Dec. 24 for 78,348,368,000 South Korean wons, or USD $72,926,269. A separate Reuters report notes that the company will also set up a new wholly-owned subsidiary in the US to handle MMO business with Europe and North America. The new studio will be capitalized at 50.5 billion wons, or about US $47,005,147.

An NCsoft representative tells Polygon that the move is designed to make its U.S. subsidiary more independents and that these changes will not have an effect on its ArenaNet, NCsoft, and Carbine development studios or any projects being developed currently.

"As part of NCsoft's ongoing efforts to become a stronger global company, we are making adjustments to ensure that our western teams and games are more independent and more agile," a representative for the company told Polygon. "These efforts have no effect on NCsoft, ArenaNet or Carbine employees, nor will they have any effect on current titles or those in development."

Source: Polygon


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