Jack Thompson to ECA: ‘Maybe Now You’ll Get It!’

Disbarred Florida Attorney and anti-game crusader Jack Thompson seems to have come out of hiding to talk about the as-of-yet unestablished link between video media and the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut on Friday. In an attempt to connect with the Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA), Thompson decided to leave a voice mail message for ECA President Hal Halpin. The roughly 35 second-long message from Thompson is equivalent to an "I-told-you-so" to Halpin, gamers, and the non-profit. As usual, there is no evidence of a connection between this tragedy and violent video games.

"Hey Hal, Jack Thompson in Miami. I think it's tragic, and maybe it brings the tragedy of others to home… to your home, that this is happened now in Connecticut. Uh, you know, I did what I could to try and prevent these things… I was called a 'massacre chaser' by you and your friends… when I all I wanted to do was prevent these things from happening. So maybe now you'll get it, Hal. Maybe now you'll get it… though somehow I doubt it."

Newtown is local to ECA headquarters in nearby Wilton, Connecticut. Thankfully, no association staffers or their immediate families were directly impacted (though many friends and their loved ones were, unfortunately). The organization is expected to release a statement shortly.

One thing that is abundantly clear if you have watched coverage of this tragedy in the last two or three days: people are in a rush to find the answers to what happened on that early Friday morning when a 20-year-old man decided to shoot his mother, drive to a local Elementary school and kill six teachers and twenty children.

Some, like Thompson, say that it is video media which is the root cause, others point to purportedly lax gun control laws, and still others say that a broken healthcare system that doesn't adequately identify and treat mental illness is the cause. Ultimately the only thing the country should be concerned about right now is honoring the victims of this tragedy and giving the families of these victims and the community of Newtown, Connecticut the time they need to grieve and honor those whose lives were so tragically cut short.

You can listen to the unedited message from Thompson below by clicking on the "memo.mp3" link.

[Full disclosure: GamePolitics is an ECA publication.]

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  1. SeanB says:

    On one hand, i miss JT, i want him to call and threaten me again….

    On the other hand my number is unlisted, and only my family and friends have it.

  2. paketep says:

    I have to agree with CMiner. Ol' Jack Thompson leaves a pathetic voice mail seeking attention, and you give it to him.

    He was (is) a douchebag. He was (is) disbarred, deservedly. Let none of us hear about him ever again.

  3. Binarygeek says:

    Okay, since good ol' JT has popped up again I will too. I think what JT forgets is we all want this to stop, these are heinous crimes and none of us ever wanted to see more happen. What we disagree on are how to go about that. He wants all games with guns or violence banned or treated like pornography (because no 14 year old can get porn today…nope not at all. They just use teh internetz for studying), we want to educate the public that we're not all sociopaths and just enjoy gaming and what games are appropriate for their children. What annoys me most is he took time to rub someone's face in a tragedy. That's like going to a funeral and putting your arm around a grieving parent then saying "I feel your pain…oh wait, I have to do something really quick." Then running to another mourner and screaming "IT'S YOUR FAULT! ALL YOUR FAULT! NO ONE ELSE'S! JUST YOURS!" But then this is JT we're talking about. To JT: I get that you hate us gamers, we who are anti-social (just ask my friends how anti-social I really am). I get that you have some sort of need to draw attention to yourself and claim that the gaming industry and all us gamers are conspiring against you. But in the spirit of the season I still wish you well, may it be a long, healthy hatred.

  4. Pierre-Olivier says:

    Jack. I was almost starting to miss you. Now, I definitely don't.

    At least, this little memo is the only thing he can legally do. As far as I know, he didn't try again to undo his disbarment like he said he would (still read that disbarment order whenever I feel down.)

    A toast to Jack, the man who believes to be the belly-button of the world (like we say back home). Only problem, he's actually a little lower and on the other side.

  5. hellfire7885 says:

    The major problem with that line of action is that he then keeps it up thinking that your silence means he's winning.

  6. CMiner says:

    Stop pointing the camera at this man.

    Stop quoting him.  Stop doing articles on him.  It has been proven time and again that he has nothing of substance to say.  He is a crazy man ranting about a subject he knows next to nothing about, and only has power when someone pays attention to him.

  7. black manta says:

    Jack has now officially joined the ranks of the WBC as he, like them, is now a real-life troll who deliberately causes outrage at a time of grieving.  The fact that this news story was so big even he couldn't resist the temptation to come out from under his ruck and say "I told you so" shows just how much of a narcisscist he truly is and how little he really cares about the feelings of others, no matter what he may say to the contrary.  Fuck off, Jack.  You're not a Christian and you're not wanted.

  8. hellfire7885 says:

    Well, at least he gave this one a couple of days isntead of less than two hours, I'll credit him for that.

    Now the parasitic opportunist can stop pretending to care and go back into his hole. No matter how hard he tries he's not going to get a multi billion dollar industry shut down and put thousands of people out of work. He's one of those that would rather see the economy fail rather than admit he might be wrong.


    And yes we did call him a "massacre chase", because that is EXACTLY what he is.

  9. Thomas Riordan says:

    He did what he could to prevent stuff like this? How by continually making ass of himself and becoming such a libability that even people who believed in his cause wanted nothing to do with him? By sending gay porn to judges? Wait I know by proving the fact that the mental health system is failing to keep the mentally ill off the streets. But you are doing you part to help people grieve after this tragedy, Jack. After all the world still needs laughter and all you've ever been was a joke.

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