Samsung Won’t Seek Injunctions Against Apple Devices in European Countries

Following yesterday's ruling by U.S District Judge Lucy Koh that rejected Apple's motion for a ban on the sale of three older Samsung devices still being sold in the U.S. that infringed on the company's iPhone-related patents, Samsung has decided to withdraw all of its requests for injunctions against Apple products currently pending in European courts.

According to this Bloomberg report Samsung has decided to drop its push for injunctions in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and the U.K. While the company may be backing off of that legal action, it will continue to seek damages in all of those patent disputes.

Samsung said in a statement that its decision was made "in the interest of protecting consumer choice." Some speculate that the move could have something to do with a European Union investigation into whether Samsung had violated any laws in regard to standards essential patents. Companies that control standards essential patents are obligated by law to license them to other phone makers at a reasonable price.

Source: GIGA OM, Bloomberg

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