Blizzard Bans ‘Several Thousand’ Diablo III Players for Cheating

Blizzard has banned "several thousand" Diablo III players for using bots, according to this forum thread. In announcing the bans, Blizzard said that these kinds of acts (using cheats and exploits) are "undermining the spirit of fair play," and that the company plans to release new tools in the early part of 2013 that make it easier for players to report bad player behavior and cheating to Blizzard.

Blizzard community manager Lylirra announced the bans on the forums:

"We’ve recently issued account bans to several thousand Diablo III players who were found to be using botting programs while playing. In addition to undermining the spirit of fair play, botting, hacking, and other forms of cheating can also cause technical problems with the game as well as contribute to performance issues with the service.

As always, maintaining a stable, safe, and enjoyable online environment for legitimate players is very important to us, and we’ll be continuing to keep watch on and take action as needed.

We will also be adding the ability for players to report this kind of behavior directly through the game client in a future patch."

The statement from Blizzard goes on to encourage players to report other players they suspect of cheating, using bots, or taking advantage of exploits.

Source: VG247 by way of Blue's News.

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    Krono says:

    They're probably doing this now because they want to boost Diablo III sales for the Christmas quarter. Ban botters = botters go buy new copies of Diablo III to continue what they were doing = several thousand more sales.

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    djnforce9 says:

    Blizzard is rather late in doing this. I wouldn't be surprised if some of those botters haven't already made a small fortune on the real money auction house from loot they harvested through illegitimate means. This is especially true when there were game breaking glitches such as invulnerable wizards. I also wonder if Blizzard was able to do something about those players glitching the trade system in order to cheat other people out of their items. Fortunately, I never fell victim to this because I only played solo or with trusted friends. Never touched pub games. I also have no plans to ever go back to Diablo III anytime soon (if ever). It's so boring now to me.

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