Heroes of Newerth Hacker Claims Valve is Easy Target, League of Legends Might be Next

On December 16, S2 Games issued an alert via its forums letting users of its online game Heroes of Newerth know that a "password security breach had occurred," and that users should change their passwords. The person behind that security breach later held a Reddit AMA in this thread (titled "I Am the Guy Who Hacked HoN") where he bragged about his prowess as a hacker, and made some claims against several other online games' lack of security – according to The Escapist ( by way of PC Gamer, PCGamesN).

The hacker, who claims to be a security network engineer in Belarus, said he hacked Heroes of Newerth "for kicks" and that he would be willing to explain how he accomplished the security breach after he gave S2 some time to fix the problem. He claims that "they still haven't."

But the biggest concern is that he is considering targeting other games in the future. In the AMA thread he said that he is considering hacking Riot Games' popular MOBA title League of Legends:

"I guess I'll do LoL next, as this was so funny," he said.

The unknown hacker also said that Valve would be an easy target because "it wouldn't be too hard to compromise them," but he hasn't seriously "looked at the problem yet."

Sources: The Escapist, PC Gamer, PCGamesN.

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