IGDA Anti-Censorship Committee Chairman Talks Violent Video Games on Fox News Segment with Neil Cavuto

December 20, 2012 -

In a segment that aired during Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto's show this week, Daniel Greenberg joined in to discuss Senator Jay Rockefeller's (D-WV) bill to study the effects of violent video games on children. Greenberg is the IGDA Anti-Censorship Committee Chairman and game developer at Washington D.C.-based Media Rez.

The 3 minute, 32 second-long segment Greenberg says that he welcomes such a study but also points out that there is plenty of research that shows no causal link between playing violent video games and real-world violence. While there's some interesting moments - particularly when Greenberg mentions the effects of how violence is portrayed on the news and in newspapers, the exchange is mostly pleasant. But not everyone sees it that way. The person who sent this in to us thinks that Fox News cut the segment short - as it has done with others recently - and has not posted the video on their web site yet to suppress it.

"Look at Cavuto's smirk at 2:49 when he laughs at the idea of a 'virtue' in violent games," says YouTube user 'Ruprecht Murdock' - who posted the video on YouTube and submitted it to us. "Watch the smirk disappear into a frown as the video game spokesman gives a strong defense that makes sense. Look at 3:11, when Cavuto looks to his right as he appears to hear something in his earbud. He abruptly cuts off the guest and goes to the commercial. The guest looks surprised at the sudden cut, as he is clearly still talking and trying to make his point."

Our impression? While we don't know the motive behind the video not appearing online through Foxnews.com, we think that Cavuto was simply uninformed about the topic and clearly out of his element. Greenberg was not. But we'll let you form you own opinions on the video.


Re: IGDA Anti-Censorship Committee Chairman Talks Violent ...

I think it is impossible for any network to put up (online) 100% of their segments. As bandwith and server space grows more and more scarce. Media (I mean all media) will start to segments, like this one, short to save space.


I wish someone would interview David Grossman. He is an excellent expert.

I may be crazy, but I am not insane.

Re: IGDA Anti-Censorship Committee Chairman Talks Violent ...

Cavuto should go back to interviewing Hooters waitresses about the economy. That's about all he's qualified for.

Re: IGDA Anti-Censorship Committee Chairman Talks Violent ...

Typical of Fox News to cut off someone who's actually making a cogent point that goes against their agenda.  Kudos to Greenberg at least for being able to soundly refute the "games cause violence" idea before he was shut down.

Re: IGDA Anti-Censorship Committee Chairman Talks Violent ...

I'm biased, but good stuff!

Re: IGDA Anti-Censorship Committee Chairman Talks Violent ...

Looks like Fox wasn't expecting a real debater.

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