Jury Sides with MobileMedia in Apple Patent Case

A jury has ruled in favor of MobileMedia and against Apple in a patent lawsuit involving the iPhone. The jury came to the conclusion that Apple's iPhone infringes on three U.S. patents and some claims of the '068, '075, and '078 patents. The '068 and '075 U.S. patents cover "rejecting incoming calls" and call-processing techniques – or how these functions are communicated wirelessly between base stations and landline telecommunications networks. The U.S. '078 patent relates to changeable keys. The judge overseeing the jury trial, U.S. District Judge Sue L. Robinson has not yet scheduled a hearing to determine the amount of damages to be paid.

The Delaware-based company, which many categorize as a "patent troll" because they acquire patents (they have 300 of them to use in court) for the sake of litigation and licensing, claimed to have acquired the rights to two of the patents from a deal with Sony and Nokia in January 2012. Delaware-based MobileMedia sued Apple is April of this year alleging that multiple Apple devices violated 30 claims of 10 patents related to information processing, computing, mobile phones, media-player devices and other technologies. A federal judge granted Apple partial summary judgment last month, but the remaining claims went to a jury trial that was decided for MobileMedia last week.

Source: Courthouse News


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