The NRA Likes Video Games Enough to Put its Name on Three Titles

While there's a lot of people upset over a variety of things the National Rifle Association said today in its press conference, gamers are a bit annoyed with the gun lobby comparing violent video games to pornography. But as this The Escapist report points out, the NRA doesn't think that the medium is so horrible that it won't swim in the interactive entertainment pond. In 2011, it liked video games enough to put its named on a gallery shooting game called NRA Gun Club – published by Crave for the PS2. If you are interested in torturing yourself, you can find a copy of it on Amazon.

Admittedly, the NRA-branded game doesn't let you shoot at people but it does let you pick up and shoot a variety of weapons at different kinds of targets. But if video games are a form of "pornography" then the NRA's game is like bad softcore pornography with a lot of innuendo (all sizzle, no flavor).

You can witness the game in action in the video to your left, appropriately titled "Games that Suck: NRA Gun Club."

But that's not the only NRA-branded game out there. There's also NRA Shooting Sports Games 3 – game pack by Interactive Sports Entertainment and NRA Varmint Hunter by Mumbo Jumbo – both for Windows platforms…

Source: The Escapist

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