Report: Ubisoft Interested in Buying THQ

December 21, 2012 -

According to an MCV report, Ubisoft is considering buying troubled games publisher THQ. Earlier in the week the publisher announced that it had filed for bankruptcy and would be sold to Clearlake investments. This 'stalking horse bid' process with the investor allows THQ to write off the company's debts but keeps its business going to make it ready for an acquisition. According to MCV one of the companies that might be interested in buying THQ is Ubisoft.

MCV says that "the French firm is keen to take over the publisher's brands and studios once THQ works through its current financial problems." We assume this information comes from a source close to one of the companies involved. Sources also tell the publication that Ubisoft is already in lengthy discussions with the firm to forge some sort of deal, though price is a key factor. Sources tell MCV that Ubisoft is looking for a bargain and is willing to wait until THQ sells off specific assets.

If Ubisoft were able to buy the whole company it would take over five studios and gain the rights to Saints Row, Company of Heroes, Darksiders, Homefront, Red Faction and more. It would likely pick up extensions of licensing deals THQ has in place with WWE and some Warhammer properties.

We'll have more on this story as it develops...

Source: MCV


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Papa Midnight

Re: Report: Ubisoft Interested in Buying THQ

Well there are certainly worse options (see EA or Activision) I do admit this does worry me. Ubisoft's development division is actually really good, making a lot of great games. But he publishing and marketing side seem to say "we want you to buy the games. We don't want you to PLAY the games, but we want you to buy them."

Re: Report: Ubisoft Interested in Buying THQ

This.  Although, if Nintendo happened to buy THQ, I'd probably pee myself in sheer delight.

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