Family Guy Online Shutting Down in January 2013

Fox announced that it will shut down its online game based on the popular animated television series Family Guy. The company announced that Family Guy Online will be shutting down for good on January 18, 2013 and that some subscribers would get refunds. Anyone who made in-game purchases between October 22 and December 21, 2012 will receive a refund in early January.

Purchases made by credit card or via PayPal will be automatically receive a refund in their accounts. Those who made purchases using an Ultimate Game Card will be refunded in the form of a new Ultimate Game Card of the equivalent value. Purchases made using other forms of payment will be given Ultimate Game Card codes.

You can find out more on how this whole process will work here.

The Family Guy Online game was in open beta. The publisher did not say why it had decided to shut the game down for good.

Source: Massively

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