GaymerCon Renamed GaymerX

December 24, 2012 -

Update: An earlier version of this story erroneously named Chris Vizzini (who own as a party in a licensing negotiation related to GaymerCon. The rights holder in question, who Gamer X organizers do not wish to name, was not Vizzini. We apologize for the confusion and have rewritten the story below to reflect the facts.

Consider this a public service announcement. We have highlighted the rise of GaymerCon, the gaming convention that wants to be the most inclusive gathering of gamers in the United States by supporting all types of "gaymers" including the gay, lesbian, transgendered and even straight gaming community.

According Matt Conn, GaymerCon's Creative Director, organizers have been trying to negotiate some sort of licensing deal with an unnamed rights holder related to a copyrighted name that was similar to the name of their event. Ultimately they found those options were not cost effective and would take important funds away from the actual event. So instead of trying to pay a licensing fee to that rights holder (who organizers say have been very pleasant to deal with, for the record), organizers of GaymerCon decided that it would be easier to change the name of the convention.

So going forward "GaymerCon" will be called "Gaymer X" and its Gaymer matchmaking and community tool will be called "GaymerConnect." All the other details about the convention remain the same, and Matt Conn says that badges will be going out soon. You can learn more about the event and the tools by visiting

Also, be sure to check out the video to your left explaining the changes from Matt Conn.


Re: GaymerCon Renamed GaymerX

Uh...  If it's the term "Gaymer" which has apparently been copyrighted, how does this change anything?  They are still using the term "Gaymer".

Re: GaymerCon Renamed GaymerX

Trademark not copyright. Very different things. Copyright protects a complete creative work while trademark protects a specific brand name in a specific market.

Re: GaymerCon Renamed GaymerX

OK, well, the article says copyright, so that's what I went with.  And that still doesn't explain how GaymerX is any better than GaymerCon, if "Gaymer" is what has been copyrighted/trademarked/whatever.

Re: GaymerCon Renamed GaymerX

I'm glad I'm not the only one that was unclear on that one. That would be like getting around using the name Disneyland simply by calling it Disneyland X.

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