Zynga Japan Shutting Down

December 24, 2012 -

Zynga CEO Mark Pincus said way back in October that the company would be shutting down its Japanese-based studio Zynga Japan as part of a company-wide cost reduction plan and today that closure is a reality. According to a Facebook post by Zynga Japan CEO Kenji Matsubara, the studio is being closed and three of its games are being turned off. Matsubara posted a personal message thanking fans for their support and announcing the discontinuation of the games that were available in Japan.

The three Zynga Japan games that have already been discontinued include Machitsuku, Mojitomo, and Montopia. Zynga Japan's Ayakashi (known in America as Ayakashi: Ghost Guild) will close at the end of January. Zynga Japan joins Zynga Austin (which saw layoffs) and Zynga Boston, which the parent company decided to close.

Source: Joystiq

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