EA Removes Links to Weapons Manufacturers from Warfighter Site

Remember that virtual showroom that linked Medal of Honor: Warfighter to real-life products from its gun maker marketing partners? Well Electronic Arts has decided that it needed to make some adjustments to that whole promotion/connection, according to this Polygon report.. A subpage on the official website for Medal of Honor: Warfighter displayed information on products in the game from weapons manufacturers McMillan Group and Magpul.

It allowed visitors to look at information on guns, knives and other combat gear in the game. At one time the subpage included logos and links to a variety of weapon and military gear under "Authentic Game. Authentic Brands." While EA's subpage for the game still shows those logos and description, the links have been removed. EA's Jeff Brown said that the publisher took action after finding out about links to partner online catalogs.

"We felt it was inappropriate and took the links down," Brown said.

Speaking to The New York Times, EA said that what it did with its partners was similar to what film producers do: they "frequently license the images of people, sports franchises, buildings, cars and military equipment" to bring games into reality. The company also emphasized that it did not receive money from partners for using branded weapons in Medal of Honor.

Obviously the shooting in Newtown on Dec. 14 has forced a lot of companies to rethink the connections with weapons and their products, particularly video games.

Source: Polygon


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