Best Buy Offers Wii U Basic with Nintendo Land for $299

If you didn't get a Wii U under the tree but don't have enough money for the more premium retail version of Nintendo's latest living room console, then this tweak from Best Buy might entice you a little. Best Buy is now offering the 8GB basic Wii U bundled with the game Nintendo Land for the same $299 as the basic set costs on its own elsewhere. The premium version retails for $349 and includes a charging cradle for the gamepad, a 32GB storage drive, and the Nintendo Land game.

If the extra $50 for the game was holding you back from purchasing the system then this might be a good time to get it while you can. You can find it online at Best Buy. This deal is only available until December 29, so get it while it is in stock or before time runs out…

Source: Side Questing by way of The Escapist

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