Extra Lives Hosting Pokethon 3 This Weekend for Charity

Starting at right around noon on December 29 and running right through New Year's Eve, Extra Lives will host a Pokémon gameplay marathon to raise money for charity. Participants will play through up to three games at a time, including a few unsavory entries in the series and even some bootleg versions of games that are Pokémon-based. The website will live stream the triumphs and tragedies of participants as they attempt to play through multiple versions of the game at once, starting with three different versions of the first Game Boy generation of Pokémon games. If all goes well, the play through will culminate with playing through to the latest entries in the series on the DS – Black and White.

The community is encouraged to watch the live stream and pledge donations – all of which will go to the organization Free The Children, which builds schoolhouses for children around the world.

You can learn more about this weekend's marathon at http://extralives.org/pokethon3.

Source: Polygon

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