Over 17 million iOS and Android Devices Were Activated on Christmas Day

December 27, 2012 -

On Christmas day iOS and Android device activations were greater than any other day in history, according to a new report from mobile analytics company Flurry. As highlighted by VentureBeat Flurry claims that over 17 million new smartphones and tablets were activated on Christmas day. Compared to the rest of December, new iOS and Android activations rose a whopping 332 percent on Christmas Day.

Every other day in December averaged out to around four million activated devices. Last Christmas only 6.8 million devices were activated. During the month of December 80 percent of activated iOS and Android devices were smartphones, but on Christmas day tablet activations climbed to 51 percent of activated devices.

Naturally mobile apps also saw a spike on Christmas day. Compared with the rest of December, app downloads increased by 112 percent on Christmas Day with 328 million apps downloaded. Only 155 million apps were downloaded each day in December prior to December 25.

You can check out Flurry's report here.

Source: VentureBeat


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