Mojang Sells 453K Minecraft Units During Christmas

Mojang's popular world building game franchise Minecraft had a wonderful Christmas / holiday season, according to tweets from company co-founder and Minecraft creator Markus 'Notch' Persson. According to Notch, the company sold 453,000 copies of the game across all platforms during the Christmas season.

"Across all platforms, Minecraft sold 453k copies on dec 24! Wowzers! <3," he tweeted.

He corrected himself in a follow-up tweet shortly thereafter:

"Sorry, dec 25, not 24," he said later.

On December 13 it was revealed that approximately 17.5 million copies of Minecraft had been sold to-date, meaning that the game has sold close to 18 million units across all platforms when you include the Christmas numbers.

Minecraft was originally launched on Windows, but was later released on Android, iOS, and on Xbox Live Arcade.

[Full Disclosure: I was one of those 453,000 sales.]

Source: Polygon

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