Ouya Developer Units Shipping

December 28, 2012 -

The Android-based console that took Kickstarter by storm and captured the attention of the online gaming community has started to show up on developers' doorsteps. The $99 Ouya raised $8.6 million on Kickstarter. Today the creators of the system started shipping 1,200 consoles to developers (or those who pledged money at the developer level reward tier). Developers who want to play games on the system can get started with the system's SDK.

Developers who didn't get the special Ouya console can also access the Ouya SDK (ODK) online under a free Apache license.

The release of the hardware and software should give developers time to prepare games for the platform, which is expected to be released to the public around March. That’s still the milestone that everyone will be watching but the signs look good for Ouya to make it there. It should also be noted that the developer version of the console is an early prototype and has a number of bugs. The design of the controller for the system is also not the final version that will be released with the system: the triggers and d-pad will apparently be changed prior to the system's release.

The more consumer friendly and final version of the console will ship in March 2013.

Source: GIGA OM


Re: Ouya Developer Units Shipping

Mine should be here in March.  Only thing is, with traditional console titles having a 2-3 year development cycle, what kind of games can devs churn out in the 3 months prior to launch?  I'm hoping it's not just Minecraft and Angry Birds ports.

Re: Ouya Developer Units Shipping

nice, ODK is available for download now!

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