Zeldathon: Playing Zelda Games to Raise Cash for Charity

December 28, 2012 -

A group of gamers and Zelda series fans have come together under the team name of Fun For Freedom to create what they call a "Zeldathon." The group will play through Nintendo's popular RPG adventure games for charity over the next five days while streaming their antics on this Twitch.tv channel.

Proceeds from the Zeldathon (which will be generated from pledges given by the gaming community) will go to charity: water, a non-profit organization that helps provide clean drinking water to people in developing countries. Those who donate to this gaming marathon get to determine what color a marathoner paints his nails, what the name of the Skyward Sword filename will be and what color Link's tunic will be in Link's Awakening.

If you have some extra cash laying around this is a pretty good thing to spend your money on.

You can find out more about the Zeldathon here.

Source: Polygon

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