Zynga Discontinues 11 Games to Cut Costs

December 31, 2012 -

Zynga will shut down a total of 11 of its social games as it finds new ways to cut costs to fulfill the cost reduction plan announced by CEO Mark Pincus in November of this year. When Pincus made that announcement he said that 13 games would be shut down. The list of games scheduled for closure covers 11 on that list.

Tech Crunch reports that Mafia Wars Shakedown, ForestVille, Mojitomo, and Word Scramble Challenge have been removed from app stores already. Vampire Wars is also shutting down, joining Treasure Isle and FishVille - which were shut down on December 5. Montopia was closed on December 21, with PetVille and Mafia Wars 2 closed on December 30. Indiana Jones Adventure World has been closed for new players, with a final shutdown date of January 14.

Zynga is offering PetVille and other game players a free bonus package of virtual items for the games that will not be shut down including Castleville, Chefville, Farmville 2, Mafia Wars and Yoville. Players of the company's mobile titles like Mafia Wars Shakedown should contact Zynga Customer Support for possible compensation.

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Re: Zynga Discontinues 11 Games to Cut Costs

Neither should have went public.

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Let's renegotiate them.




Re: Zynga Discontinues 11 Games to Cut Costs

A big Nelson Ha Ha to the people who spend money on those games.

Re: Zynga Discontinues 11 Games to Cut Costs

I said it before and I will say it again. Going public was Zynga's worst mistake ever. Its second worst mistake was partnering with Facebook.

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