Connecticut Town Hosts Violent Video Game Buyback Event

The Escapist reports that community members in the town of Southington, Connecticut have put a bulls eye on violent video games in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that saw 20 children and six adults murdered by a lone gunmen in mid-December. A community group calling themselves SouthingtonSOS announced a violent video game buyback program on January 12 in the town that will give gift certificates to citizens who turn in their violent interactive entertainment.

While the group does not emphatically blame videogames for the shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School they are certainly putting more of an emphasis on it as being a catalyst – even though they do mention that a culture of violence is abundant in media like videogames, movies and television. But the group certainly isn't asking anyone to turn in their violent DVDs and Blu-ray discs either…

"There is ample evidence that violent video games, along with violent media of all kinds, including TV and movies portraying story after story showing a continuous stream of violence and killing, has contributed to increasing aggressiveness, fear, anxiety," the group said in a statement to local news station WFSB. The spokesperson for the group said that this type of violent content "is desensitizing our children to acts of violence including bullying."

The buyback program has been promoted by the Southington Board of Education, which sent out emails to residents on behalf of the group to notify them of the event.

Source: The Escapist, image via Google Maps.

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