FIFA 13 Wins The AbleGamers Mainstream Accessible Game of the Year Award

The AbleGamers Foundation have given EA Sports' international soccer game FIFA 13 the AbleGamers Mainstream Accessible Game of the Year Award. The charity dedicated to advancing accessibility for gamers with disabilities chose FIFA 13 because of its wealth of accessibility options that made it easy for gamers with various physical limitations to configure the game to high levels of comfort and ease of use.

"AbleGamers was amazed by the accessibility of FIFA 13," said Mark Barlet, President and Founder of the AbleGamers Foundation. "EA enabled gamers with severe motor and cognitive disabilities by including remappable keys, an unheard-of mouse only mode and game settings that allow the entire game to be tailored to the unique abilities of each disabled gamer."

"We are delighted and honored by how approachable EA has been," continued Barlet. "They really took the principles of our game accessibility guidelines, Includification, to heart. We are starting to see some real fruits of our labors preaching accessibility over the last decade. I'm personally thrilled to see big-name studios listening to our advocacy for the disabled community in the gaming industry."

The AbleGamers annual award will be presented to EA at an unnamed gaming conference later this year. Honorable mentions also went out to 2K Game’s XCOM: Enemy Unknown and indie game Colour Bind. You can learn more about the group's game accessibility guidelines here.

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