GameStick Seeks Funding for Tiny Android-Based Home Console

It looks like the Android-based Ouya will have some competition. A Kickstarter funding campaign for PlayJam's "GameStick" has launched asking the community to help it raise $100,000 to bring its mini gaming console devices into full production. The GameStick is being billed as a home console that plugs directly into the HDMI slot of most major modern high definition televisions.

The developers say that they have identified at least 200 games that will run smoothly on its Android-based console and that they are talking to a "network of developers" about the possibility of porting even more games to the system. The system will also use a small Blutooth controller.

According to the Kickstarter page, the system will offer the following system specifications:

•Processor – Amlogic 8726-MX
•Memory – 1GB DDR3 / 8GB FLASH
•Content Download Manager w/ cloud storage for games.
•WiFi – 802.11 b/g/n
•Bluetooth – LE 4.0
•O/S – Android Jelly Bean
•Controller – Bluetooth, 3 mode controller: gamepad, mouse and keyboard with support for up to 4 controllers.
•Fill 1080p HD video decoding

As of this writing, the GameStick has raised $25,112 of its $100,000 goal from 293 backers with 29 more days to go. To get the actual console at launch, you'll have to contribute to the "$79 or more" pledge level. Estimated time of arrival for this console to those who support it: April 2013, though higher pledge levels can get it sooner.

Find out more at Kickstarter or check out the pitch video to your left.

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    MechaTama31 says:

    Neat.  I didn't realize you could get power from an HDMI port.

    edit: Ah, apparently you can't, really.  HDMI spec only calls for 50mA of power to be available, which is not nearly enough to run what I'm seeing here.  This thing will only work as indicated (plug into HDMI port and off you go!) if the TV's HDMI ports are MHL compliant, which makes 500-900mA available.  Otherwise it will need to draw power from a cable to your TV's USB port (if it has one) or an AC adapter.

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