Poll: Will Australia’s R18+ Rating Change Anything?

As we reported earlier today, Australia now has an R18+ rating for its video games.


But will the extra rating change anything?  The government still has the ability to refuse classification.  Will particularly violent titles be released under the new adult rating or will they just get banned anyway?

It's an interesting topic and one EZK and I will be sure to discuss on the next podcast.  Why not contribute your own thoughts on the matter by posting a comment below or sending us an email at SuperPACPodcast@gmail.com?  After all, doing so burns 1000 calories an hour, fights plaque and makes you more attractive to both genders and some species of squirrel!

"vote label" © Tribalium / Shutterstock. All rights reserved, used with permission.

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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