Fox News Doctor Considers Run for John Kerry’s Senate Seat

Politico is reporting that regular Fox News contributor, syndicated talk show host, and psychiatrist Keith Ablow is considering a run for political office in Massachusetts. If he would attempt such a run it would be in the special election for Senator John Kerry's seat – assuming he is named the new Secretary of State replacing Hillary Clinton.

"The dysfunction in Washington and the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut are both signs this country needs help, and, if neither William Weld nor Scott Brown is the candidate to bring that help from Massachusetts to Washington, I will take those who have asked me to run much more seriously," Ablow told the Boston Herald on Thursday.

Ablow's many appearances on Fox News will likely not be appreciated by liberals in Massachusetts. Just at a glance, Ablow's public condemnation of the American Psychiatric Association for declassifying homosexuality as a mental illness in 1987, and his analysis of Vice-President Joe Biden's performance in October where he described him as possibly suffering from dementia are just the tip of the iceberg.

For gamers and tech savvy Americans, Ablow's recent article on Fox News, "Detoxing your kids from violent media," is enough to put the brakes on Ablow's political career. In the article he says that all kinds of video games and popular online activities like Facebook are bad for us. Here's an excerpt:

"From my perspective, having worked and trained in private, public and even VA medical settings, I agree with the great work of Marshall McLuhan, who wrote Understanding Media, and concluded the “medium is the message,” meaning that interacting with technology that draws the user “into it” is the real issue, because that media is dehumanizing.

Hence, his theories would predict that, in which children adopt fake, animated pets and must “take care of them” is as much (or more) of a problem than a violent video game. Why? Because it plays upon a child’s natural capacity for empathy, in an entirely fake setting, in which no real, living creature benefits from it, and could, thereby, help extinguish it. The same could certainly be said for, where people become their own cartoon-like “avatars” and interact with other cartoon-like people—which may dilute their humanity.

So, too, for Facebook, where people have hundreds or thousands of “friends” who are not really their friends, and profiles that say nothing of their real-life suffering and real emotional needs (other than sexual), thus diminishing the notion of friendship and diminishing the notion of what it means to be human."

The article gets even worse from there, with Ablow saying that parents should tell their children that video games are so bad that they should tell them that they won't even exchange them for credits at the store:

"Let your kids know that you won’t even exchange the used games for credit at a store because you wouldn’t poison another family’s kids. And, you won’t peddle the junk on eBay because you’re not a drug pusher."

Source: Politico

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