Intel Secures Patent for Motion Controller Safety and Monitoring Technology

A new patent secured by Intel hopes to make using motion controller-based peripherals a bit safer to use. The patent, United States Patent 8333661 – a "Gaming System with Safety Features," won approval with the United States Patent and Trademark Office earlier this month. What's interesting about the patent is that Intel isn't developing its own gaming system (at least not to anyone's knowledge), which means that this patent is meant to augment existing systems likely owned by Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony.

The patent is for a device that includes a variety of sensors that work alongside a game console to monitor a player's movement in a 3D space. These sensors would be used alongside an Intel chip that would monitor objects and the player's proximity to them. When a player gets too close to an object the system would deliver some kind of audible warning to the player letting them know and pausing whatever program or game is currently in use.

Here's Intel's description from the patent:

"New generation of gaming systems support remote control-less consoles. The new generation gaming systems support features that detect and respond to motion and emotion of the users of the gaming system. However, the new generation gaming systems lack safety features, which may provide an opportunity to the users to avoid being injured caused by inadvertently colliding with the surrounding objects."

You can check out the patent filing here.

Source: Forbes, image via USPTO.

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