GameStick Surpasses Kickstarter Funding Goal

January 4, 2013 -

While there has been some speculation that the Android-based mini-console GameStick will have a hard time competing with the likes of Ouya, that hasn't hampered the enthusiasm of the community. The Kickstarter for the tiny little stick-based Android device designed to simply plug into the HDMI port of most modern high definition television sets has easily destroyed its funding goal of $100,000 in a little over a day and a half.

As of this writing GameStick has raised $158,494 of its $100,000 goal from 1,620 backers with 27 more days to go. PlayJam issued a press release this morning announcing the milestone and saying that they want the device to be highly hackable so hobbyist can do cool things with it. They have also added a pledge upgrade to developers at the $500 level that gives them 30 days of promotion on the game marketplace when it launches.

"The response from the Kickstarter community has been truly overwhelming. We are confident in our product and what we hope it will mean for gaming but we were taken aback at how quickly the message was adopted," says Anthony Johnson, CMO, PlayJam."There is no better feeling than having hundreds if not thousands of people endorse your idea."

Hopefully PlayJam will add more stretch goals to further encourage pledges from the community. The GameStick is to be released sometime in April.


Re: GameStick Surpasses Kickstarter Funding Goal

Anybody remember the cramps you got from holding a NES controller for hours on end?

Re: GameStick Surpasses Kickstarter Funding Goal

I remember the corners digging into my palms.  Not a problem these days with my adult-sized hands though.


Andrew Eisen

Re: GameStick Surpasses Kickstarter Funding Goal


I had plastic sleeves that gave rounded corners to make it more comfortable.

Re: GameStick Surpasses Kickstarter Funding Goal

I notice there's absolutely no mention on the front page of their Kickstarter of Ouya. I don't know if that's ignoring an elephant in the room or what, but it does seem like an oversight to wholly ignore an extremely similar projecton Kickstarter.

Re: GameStick Surpasses Kickstarter Funding Goal

Why would they give any kind of mention to the Ouya? As a comparison/contrast between the two? Maybe. Unless the maker has a great way to trash the opposition while raising up their own, there is no point. As it stands, these are mostly targeting separate audiences.

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