Microsoft Expects Motorola to Abandon ITC Complaints Against Xbox 360

On Friday after the Federal Trade Commission issued an order on Google's Motorola patents and how the subsidiary needed to stop charging high royalties on FRAND patents it holds, Microsoft went into action. The company, one of the targets of Motorola's high royalty fees, filed a "notice of development in connection with Motorola's H.264 standard essential patents" with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC), according to Florian Mueller's Foss Patents blog.

In its filing Microsoft said that it expected Google's Motorola Mobility would withdraw its complaints against the Xbox complaint shortly. Microsoft said that it filed the notice with the governing body "so that the resources of both the ITC and the parties may be conserved and not wasted on issues that Motorola has agreed to withdraw as a result of its settlement with the FTC". That filing entered the public electronic record today, according to Foss Patents. Florian Mueller has a more in-depth analysis of the Microsoft filing here and previously commented on the FTC's order here.

Editor's note: Florian Mueller has advised Microsoft in the past on patent law, but is not currently associated with the company.

Source: Foss Patents

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