Two Billion Apps Downloaded from Apple App Store in December

Apple announced that its App store saw 2 billion downloads in December, along with a number of other milestones that happened in 2012. All in all, the numbers show that Apple’s app Store had a pretty good year.
According to data released by Apple, 40 billion apps have been downloaded since the store opened in 2008; 20 billion of those downloads occurred in 2012; there are now 775,000 iOS apps available in the store; there are over 500 million active iTunes accounts; and app developers have made $7 billion dollars from the 70 percent cut they get of sales – since 2008.

Much of this action in 2012 – and particularly in December of 2012 – likely occurred because of the many iOS devices that were sold during the holiday season including new versions of the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and the lower-priced iPad Mini…

Source: Apple

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