EMA 2013 Scholarship Applications Now Being Accepted

Applications for the scholarships to be awarded by the EMA Scholarship Foundation are due by March 1, 2013, the Entertainment Merchants Association announced this week. These academic scholarships will be awarded to employees of EMA-member companies and their immediate family members who plan on "undertaking undergraduate and graduate study on a full-time basis." Those selected for the scholarships will receive up to $6,000 total, which will be issued on an annual basis. More details below:

"The annual scholarship competition is open high-school seniors who will be entering college as freshmen in the following year, undergraduates currently attending a four-year college institution, and graduate students. Employees, and children and spouses of employees, of EMA regular and associate member companies are eligible. To be eligible for awards this Fall, employees must have completed at least six months of full or part-time employment by March 1, 2013. A child or spouse of an employee is also eligible if the employee has completed at least six months of full-time employment by March 1, 2013. Scholarship awards are limited to colleges and universities in the United States and Canada."

For more details on EMA Scholarship Foundation and to sign up for this year's academic scholarship, check out www.entmerch.org.

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