Top Xbox Live Black Ops II Player Resets Stats Because of Online Harassment

According to this Reddit thread the top Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Xbox Live player in the country has reset his stats after a continual barrage of DDoS and personal attacks from people being categorized as "jealous players." The player, who plays online under the name "Retrominano," decided that it was easier to just reset his rankings in the game than to deal with the onslaught of personal attacks and attacks on his connection.

Apparently – if you believe comments in the Reddit thread, this is not the first time Retrominano has reset his stats for a Call of Duty game. Apparently he did the same thing when he was leading the online stats for Modern Warfare 2 out of "boredom."

As C&VG points out in its report on this story, Microsoft advises players that are being attacked to reset their router and to contact your ISP in the event of a DDoS attack. Of course, most ISPs won't do much about DDoS attacks (at least in my own experience). Here's precisely what Microsoft says about DDoS attacks related to Xbox Live:

"We recommend that you reset your Internet router and contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you know who initiated the DoS or DDoS attack, you may also want to submit a player review to Xbox Live and avoid the attacker in the future."

You can read the Reddit thread here for more details and for some colorful community commentary on this story.

Source: CVG

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