Valve’s Steam Box Revealed as Xi3 Piston at CES

It was long rumored to be Valve's home console and now it's a reality. The home console system called "Steam Box" when it was just a rumor is real. Valve today announced during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas a new home console called the Xi3 Piston. Valve has teamed up with hardware startup company Xi3 to create a mini-PC.

The Piston is designed to be plugged into your high definition TV set to run Valve's Steam in big picture mode. While Valve has not yet revealed the Piston's specs yet, it is apparently based on Xi3's X7A model PC. The X7A has a starting retail price of $1,000 and contains a Quad-Core processor with 384-core integrated graphics, 4GB – 8GB of RAM, multiple USB ports, four ports for extra external storage and more.

Valve will release the specs and other details at a later time — including a release date for the system. To be competitive, Valve would likely have to do something about the high end price point… More on this new console as it becomes available. Check out the video of Xi3's hardware that was released at the end of the year as part of a pitch for a Kickstarter that ultimately didn't get funded. Apparently they found funding through another source: Valve Software…

Source: Shacknews

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