2012 Was a Great Year for Games on Kickstarter

Crowd funding company Kickstarter revealed numbers for 2012, including some interesting data related to the games that were successfully funded during the year. That data, located in this report, offers some pretty interesting statistics on game related projects. According to Kickstarter, the site saw more than 2.2 million people donate nearly $320 million to game-related projects, with over 18,000 projects successfully reaching or exceeding their funding goals in 2012.

The video game category had the most money pledged out of all the categories on the site, though "game projects" also includes tabletop and card games too… Game projects saw 1,378,144 users pledge $83,144,565 to 2,796 campaigns – 911 of which were successful.

Right now only two countries are allowed to fund projects – the U.S. and the UK – and the UK only had a few months in 2012 to be of any substantial force during the year.

We suspect that Kickstarter will continue to be the leading crowd funding platform in 2013 as well…

Source: MCV

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