Google Terminates ITC Complaint Against Microsoft’s Xbox 360

As expected, Google has backed off of its International Trade Commission complaint against Microsoft's Xbox 360 console, which uses one of its video compression patents. The company had sought to stop the sale of the system in the United States while Microsoft and its subsidiary Motorola duked it out in court over royalty payments related to FRAND patents. But earlier in the week the Federal Trade Commission stepped into the fight, ordering Google to take a more reasonable approach to "essential patents."

In its filing with the ITC, Google said that it would terminate its attempt to stop Microsoft from using its video compression technology patents on the Xbox 360. Google is still fighting over one patent with Microsoft to the ITC – a patent not considered an industry standard patent. It is also still fighting Microsoft over SEP injunctions in lawsuit filed in Washington and Germany.

Details on the FTC and Google settlement related to essential patents has not been disclosed and remain unclear.

You can read Google's motion to terminate with the ITC on Scribd.

Source: AllThingsD

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