Help Chuck ‘Capper’ Bittner Get to PAX East

Chuck Bittner is a quadriplegic, a comedian and an avid video game player. More importantly he is a strong advocate for disabled gamers who need the ability to use custom buttons in games because he plays a lot of them using his face. He has championed a remapping petition urging game developers and publishers to include custom button mapping in all of their biggest titles. He also wants to go to PAX East this year to further spread the important message of button remapping, but he needs your help. The video to your left tells you how you can do just that and you won't have to spend a single dollar if you don't want to.

We have included all of the links mentioned in the video below (from Chuck's YouTube video), but we encourage you to check out Bittner's site, as well.

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Optional & appreciated but not preferred… (If you Chip in I will pass on a personal message to the developers for you)
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