NJ Gov. Chris Christie: Video Games and Other Factors Should be Discussed to Curb Gun Violence

In an interview on CBS This Morning Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said that a frank discussion on a myriad of issues will be the only way to seriously curb gun violence in America beyond a discussion about gun control. That discussion should include violence found in some video games, substance abuse, and mental illness.

Christie said that parents need to discuss violent video games with their children and noted that he personally forbids games like Call of Duty in his household:

"We've got to talk about violence in these video games," Christie said. "I have four kids at home; I don't allow Call of Duty or these other [violent] games in. We have to start talking about that as parents." Christie also said that a frank discussion about mental illness is also important:

"You look at what happened in Connecticut; that young man was obviously mentally ill," Christie said. "He needed to be getting treatment, and I think there's such a stigma about mental illness and mental illness treatment in our country because we don't talk about it. It's an illness just like anything else."

Christie also pointed out that substance abuse can be a factor in violent crime, using a woman in Camden, NJ who decapitated her infant child and then killed herself. She was high on crack cocaine.

"So talk about all of it," Christie said. "I think we need to do things in all four of those categories."

Source: GameSpot – thanks to Cheater87 for the tip.

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    SquallSeeD31 says:

    Did anyone notice that–at least taken at face value–Gov. Christie's position regarding violent video games was exceptionally reasonable?  He never blamed video games singularly, he never called for regulation, he said explicitly that as parents, we need to talk to our kids about violent video games, a position I wholly endorse.

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    Kajex says:

    Terrible analogy. Forks actually serve as a relevant tool towards eating, which can lead to obesity. Knives serve as relevant tools towards harming other people, which can lead to killing. Video games do not.

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    greevar says:

    Violent games aren't appropriate for children, but the government has no business making the determination of what is appropriate for us. Violent games are actually an effectively outlet for pent up aggression so that it doesn't get vented on other people. Its quite a relief to blow up aliens in a burst of blood and guts after your teacher/boss/parents have made your day a living hell and you just want to let off steam. It's better than grabbing a rifle and shooting up your peers.

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