Common Sense Media Targets Video Game Ads, Armed With Survey Results

In an article talking about various groups meeting with Joe Biden's task force on gun violence this week in Washington, Ad Week points out that groups like Common Sense Media want to curtail ads for games during television shows, movies and big sporting events like NFL football.

They also point out the results of a recent nationwide survey by Common Sense Media and the Center for American Progress, claiming that 77 percent of parents believe that media violence—content in TV, movies and video games are at least partially to blame for violence in real life. The survey also concluded that 88 percent want ads for violent games, movies and TV shows to have restrictions if a large audience of children might be watching programming. Around 91 percent responded that they wanted theaters to limit previews for movies.

The survey was conducted earlier this month by Survey USA Market Research. The survey had 1,000 self-described parents with children ages 18 and younger.

Common Sense Media's top executive offered the following comments on the survey results:

"Our culture of violence seems to have made it the new normal that parents who take their kids to a movie theater or gather to watch a football game are at risk of exposing them to inappropriate content that is marketing video games or films rated for more mature audiences," James Steyer, CEO and founder of Common Sense Media, said in a statement.

It will be interesting to see if Common Sense Media's push to curtail advertising on TV gains any traction with policy makers and pundits. They also have an online petition at calling for putting a stop to ads for video games and violent movies when and where children can see them…

Source: Ad Week

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