Senator Jay Rockefeller to Resign Senate Seat in 2014

January 11, 2013 -

75-year-old (and super rich!) U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller (D - West Virginia) announced today that he will not be seeking a sixth term when his current one ends in 2014.

We've devoted a fair amount of ink to Rockefeller over the last few weeks.  A mere three days after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut last month, Rockefeller introduced a bill that would have the U.S. National Academy of Sciences study how video games and other media like films and television affect children.

"Major corporations, including the video game industry, make billions on marketing and selling violent content to children," Rockefeller said at the time. "They have a responsibility to protect our children. If they do not, you can count on the Congress to take a more aggressive role."

Well, that bill died on January 2nd when the 112th session of Congress ended but, as we reported yesterday, it will very likely be reintroduced, unaltered, by the end of the month.

For details on Rockefeller's retirement, legacy and possible replacements, cast your eyeballs upon the embedded video.

Just be sure to hit play.  You're not going to get much out of it unless you do.

Source: Huffington Post, thanks to PHX Corp for the tip!

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen


Re: Senator Jay Rockefeller to Resign Senate Seat in 2014

He must be reasonably sure that his seat will go to a Democrat.  That's the only reason I can see that would cause him to bow out 'early.'

~~All Knowledge is Worth Having~~

Re: Senator Jay Rockefeller to Resign Senate Seat in 2014

Good, the man was a fossil during the Clinton years!

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