Wrestling Revolution Developer Claims WWE Compelled Google Play to Remove Android Game

According to indie UK game developer Mat Dickie, World Wrestling Entertainment has managed to get his wresting game, Wrestling Revolution, pulled from the Google Play Store. While the details on how the WWE accomplished this remain unknown, Dickie claims that the world's biggest professional wrestling organization had it pulled because it was doing better than their game, WWE WrestleFest. His other wrestling based title, Flash Stuntz, remains available on the Google Play Store.

The game was removed in late December, according to Dickie. In a rather lengthy Facebook post dated December 28, 2012, Dickie announced that the game had been pulled from Google Android app store:

"Instead of taking me on in the ring by making a better product, they decided to launch a sneak attack on CHRISTMAS DAY and used their muscle to wipe Wrestling Revolution off the face of the earth. Starting with the Android version, which has gone from Google Play – so be careful not to uninstall it while there's no going back. Rest assured that I will get around to refunding everybody who invested in the project once we know that this is a fatal blow and not a petty dispute. I take full responsibility for flying too close to the sun in order to give wrestling fans the game they deserve."

He went on to say that if the game returns in 2013 it will even better:

"If Wrestling Revolution does resurface in 2013, it will be with an even greater focus on characters of my own creation that it should have perhaps had from the start. The baby seems to be safer in the deserts of iOS, where it is lesser known and has guardians that are harder to intimidate."

In a follow-up post dated December 30, Dickie claims that the removal of his game cost him "300,00 players." We cannot confirm the sales or user numbers for the game at this time because it is no longer available on Google Play.

The Pro and free version of Wrestling Revolution are still available on the Apple App Store, if that's any consolation…

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