NRA: Practice Range Released on iOS Devices

It's hard to argue against a culture of violence influencing children when you release an iOS app that teaches kids ages 4+ how to aim a gun and more accurately shoot. Not that the newly released NRA-licensed game developed by MEDL Mobile, Inc. will turn your tiny tot into a killing machine – nor does the game include any type of violent content save the ability to fire a handgun at human shaped targets and clay targets. And to its credit, the game also offers plenty of safety tips for players to keep them from doing stupid things – we assume – in real life. It does include in-app purchases for additional firearms as well.

"NRA: Practice Range puts the NRA’s broad scope of resources in the palm of your hand – with 2nd Amendment newsfeeds, gun law information centers and educational materials that you can access anywhere, anytime," reads a description of the game on its product page on Apple's iTunes Store.

While the game itself is tame (the age rating might be considered questionable by some), it is interesting that the NRA chose a developer who has in the past created games that it railed against in its press conference following the shootings in Newton, Connecticut.

At a glance, the company's credits include Cheech & Chong's The Fatty, My Wild Night with Ted – Ted the Movie, Shotgun Free, and Shotgun Free 2 Duel. You can learn more about the company here.

Source: Polygon

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