Rep. Marsha Blackburn Takes Aim at Call of Duty on CNN Segment

On CNN's State of the Union with host Candy Crowley, Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TENN.) sat in on a panel discussion about gun control and the likelihood of legislation being passed by the current Congress. But instead of discussing gun control, Blackburn decided to take a few shots at Activision's Call of Duty series. Blackburn said that in preparation to appear on the show she watched some video of the game and was shocked at the violence she saw… she also called the game "Call to Duty."

"I watched a couple of these [games] last night in preparation for this segment, and Candy, as a mother and a grandmother, I was astounded with some of the things that I was seeing on 'Call to Duty,'" said Blackburn

Like many other pro-gun politicians Blackburn also mentioned the need to strengthen mental health programs and to investigate the affects of "psychiatric and psychotropic drugs."

You can watch the video for yourselves to your left.

Source: The Hill

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