No Brainer: Biden’s Recommendations on Gun Violence Have to Do with Guns, Not Games

It should not come as any surprise that Vice-President Joe Biden's Commission on Gun Violence delivered 19 recommendations on how to deal with… gun violence, with the key word being "gun." Despite much ado about a meeting late last week with video game industry executives, trade groups, and five researchers, Biden didn't seem all that interested in taking on the industry but did tell those gathered at the meeting that the video game industry needed to improve its image with the general public.

It makes sense that Biden didn't point the finger at the video game industry, because he would likely have to also point his finger at Hollywood – and at least one of his old colleagues (former Democratic Conn. Senator Chris Dodd, who now serves as the top guy at the Motion Picture Association of America) would not have been very happy about that. But even putting that aside, maybe violent video games were not mentioned in Biden's recommendations to the President because there never was any correlation between the tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary last month and the shooter playing violent video games….

You can read more about his actual recommendations on guns and gun control on Politico.

Source: GII by way of Andrew Eisen.

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