Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game Picks on SWTOR’s ‘Gay Planet’

After announcing that it would launch a planet in Star Wars: The Old Republic where players could engage in same sex relationships with NPC's, the gaming community's reaction has been mixed.  The new planet, Makeb, will be launched as part of the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion pack to be released later this year.

But the LGBT community is not happy with the relationships being isolated on one planet or the fact that they will have to buy an expansion pack in order to use it. Some are calling this little wrinkle "pay-to-gay."

While many people that wanted same sex relationships to be a game-wide affair, BioWare points out that making those kinds of relationships available with any NPC in the game would take a ton of extra development resources and money. That is why they settled on putting those relationships on one planet.

But some in the community are having fun with it at least. Anna Anthropy has created a Choose Your Own Adventure Game about it called "Hunt for the Gay Planet." The CYOA adventure, which is clearly NSFW, gives players branching paths but ultimately leads to the same conclusion: "you keep going straight."

Source: Forbes

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