Poll: What Should Deep Silver Do With Its Mutilated, Bikini-Clad Torso Figurine?

To celebrate the release of its new zombie game Dead Island Riptide, publisher Deep Silver announced a special edition of the game for Europe and Australia.  Called the Zomie Bait Edition, the package includes a gory figurine of a dismembered bikini-clad torso.

Check out our previous story to see what it looks like.

Judging from the apology Deep Silver made, it would seem there were a few people out there who didn't like the gruesome tchotchke.

"We deeply apologize for any offense," said the publisher.  "We sincerely regret this choice… we are committed to making sure this will never happen again."

What do you think the Deep Silver should do?  Do you think it should yank the sucker out of the package or do you think it should go ahead and sell it to whoever wants to buy it.  Maybe you think it's only fair that they sell a mutilated male statuette as well.  In a Speedo.  With a package.

Vote in the poll then hit up the comments and let your opinon be known.  Shy sorts can email their thoughts to us at SuperPACPodcast@gmail.com.  As always, we'll share the poll results on the next episode of Super Podcast Action Committee.  We're recording this Sunday so get a move on!

"vote label" © Tribalium / Shutterstock. All rights reserved, used with permission.

-Reporting from San Diego, GamePolitics Contributing Editor Andrew Eisen

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  1. 0
    Shahab says:

    They should sell it! It is funny, a "bust" of a bust. It is ripped right from the game. I think the "backlash" was generated for page views by certain outlets.


  2. 0
    IanC says:

    Its just Kotaku trying to stir up trouble like they did with Tenticle Bento (which they got pulled from Kickstarter, didnt stop it getting funded though). They should sell it, but with a sticker on the box adivisng people about it.

  3. 0
    Neeneko says:

    I think a lot of companies would side step critics if they just took that very simple piece of advice.. though sadly it is a hard one for them to swallow since they have to get over the whole 'well, this is what we like so our customers will like it, and designing male torsos makes us uncomfortable' BS


  4. 0
    Longjocks says:

    I voted that they should simply sell it as is. There is plenty of existing corpse sculptures, art, toys, album covers, etc. out there. This is about as offensive as any of those and has the same rights as them. Plus it couldn't be any more appropriate than alongside a zombie game where you brutalise and dismember (former) people. The misogynistic twist isn't the end of the world in this case. There are more deep rooted problems in that area that this may (only may) be a symptom of.

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