Video Game Journalists Sound off on Video Game Industry Meeting With Biden in IGN Feature

IGN has a pretty interesting feature on the video game industry taking part in Vice-President Joe Biden's Gun Violence Commission called "The Politics of Violence." What is interesting about this feature is that it solicits the opinions of "20 of the top game writers" in the United States including Adam Sessler from Rev3 Games, Ben Kuchera from Penny Arcade Report, Ben Silverman from Yahoo! Games, Brian Crecente from Polygon, Dan Hsu from GamesBeat, Dan Stapleton from GameSpy, IGN Editor-in-Chief Casey Lynch, Harold Goldberg from the NY Videogame Critics Circle, Author and critic Ian Bogost, Destructoid's Jim Sterling, Gamasutra's Kris Graft, the wonderful Leigh Alexander, Kotaku's Stephen Totilo, Joystiq's Ludwig Kietzman, PC Gamer Magazine's Logan Decker, Jon Davison from Red Robot, 1Up's Jeremy Parish, Sophia Tong from GamesRadar, GameSpot's Kevin VanOrd, Francesco Reyes from Official Xbox Magazine, and Jeff Gertsmann from GiantBomb. Wow, long list.

If there is a general consensus, it is that it is pretty hard to gauge what actual effect the video game industry's participation in the meetings with Joe Biden had. The most interesting commentary – in my opinion – comes from Ben Kuchera from The PA Report, and Dan Hsu from GamesBeat. First, here's some of what Ben Kuchera had to say:

"Vice President Biden is merely being a politician and making sure his bases are covered by making sure industry representatives attend these talks. It's unlikely anything will come of it outside of a few easy headlines about violent media, and the industry will once again be on the defensive. You can expect this to repeat as long as there are violent crimes, or until we decide to stop conforming to this simplistic and exploitative narrative about pop culture and violence."

Striking a similar tone, Dan Hsu points out that, at the end of the day, VP Biden is in fact a politician:

"But make no mistake: Joe Biden is a politician, and ultimately, he'll probably do what's popular, not necessarily what makes logical sense. If the public wants a witch hunt, he'll likely give them one."

Of course all of these comments were made prior to today's announcement that President Obama would direct the CDC to study any connection between gun violence and violent video games and other forms of media…

You can check out the full article on IGN.


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