Actor Jeremy 'Kevin Butler' Lambert Settles Lawsuit With Sony

January 17, 2013 -

Eurogamer reports that actor Jerry Lambert has settled a lawsuit with Sony over his part in a Bridgestone ad where he played an engineer playing a Wii video game. In 2012 Sony sued Bridgestone and the actor because they claimed that Lambert's engineer character in the ad was too much like its popular fictitious PS3 spokesperson Kevin Butler.

Bridgestone denied the claim, saying that Lambert's character didn't even have a speaking role in the ad.

Sony's claimed that Lambert began working for Bridgestone in February of 2012 while still under contract with Sony. Lambert's contract with Sony was set to end in August of 2012. The ad appeared three days after his contract expired, but his contract had a no-compete clause the forbade him from promoting game systems that are in direct competition with its platforms.

While Sony's conflict with Bridgestone continues, it looks like Lambert has waved the white flag and settled, according to information unearthed by Media Post. As part of his settlement with Sony, Lambert agrees that his appearance in the Bridgestone ad caused confusion with some consumers, and that he violated the no-compete clause in his contract. Lambert has agreed to not appear in any advertising related to video games for two years - unless Sony approves it in advance...

Source: Eurogamer


Re: Actor Jeremy 'Kevin Butler' Lambert Settles Lawsuit With ...

Sony Japan are fools this man in 2009 with the Western Sony division completely turned around the horrible reputation of the Sony Playstation 3. 

When the PS3 first came out the Ridge Racer Riiiiiidge Racer guy and the Father of Playstation scewed the launch with horrible marketing and telling the customers literally we must work two jobs to afford the Playstation 3. 

In 2009 Sony's Western Division came out with the amazing Kevin Butler persona as well as amazing new strides. However after the PSN was hacked it seemed Sony Japan took a more hands on approach again and the Ridge Racer guy is back screwing things up with suing Kevin Butler and destroying the Playstation Store turning it into an experience to where you literally need a walkthrough to learn how to shop there.

Re: Actor Jeremy 'Kevin Butler' Lambert Settles Lawsuit With ...

That is ridiculus! Lambert should not have settled. No one was confused. Gosh...


Re: Actor Jeremy 'Kevin Butler' Lambert Settles Lawsuit With ...

When the alternative to settling is a protracted legal battle that will cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to fight, settling is a good option. Especially when it results in a positive outcome like this one.

While I agree that Sony's reasoning was flawed, it could have held up in court and that would have been bad for Lambert.

Re: Actor Jeremy 'Kevin Butler' Lambert Settles Lawsuit With ...

Every time I hear something like that it makes me said.  Our justice system is no longer about justice if people with more money always wins.

"If it cannot break out of its' shell, the chick will die without being born... If we don't crack the world's shell, we'll die without being born. Smash the world's shell. For the Revolution of the world!"

Re: Actor Jeremy 'Kevin Butler' Lambert Settles Lawsuit With ...

Yeah it is sad. I hate it too. But its what we got. Even if Lambert were to win the suit, it might have been too late to save his company from bankruptcy. 

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